Mesmerizing Sherbert Colored Coasters That Encourage You Not To Grow Up

Using coasters is not as simple as your mom might lead you to believe. It requires distinctly adult priorities that, if you’re not ready to implement into your life, can appear supremely daunting. It’s not so much the act of placing a coaster on your table that’s challenging, but rather the intimidating implications that using coasters carries—namely, that you make an actual living and not minimum wage, and that you know what FSA means. The fun thing about these coasters is that they look like sliced tie-dye ham and therefore encourage you to remain naïve, immature, and financially dependent on anyone who will have you, while still protecting your tables and countertops from those nasty water rings. For this generous hunk of urethane and other various materials, you have New York based design studio Chen Chen & Kai Williams to thank. And just in case the vibrant ham aesthetic isn’t enough to distract you from the perilously adult consequences of using coasters, just focus on the sorbet-colored ham hock sculpture that it comes with—it’s at once useless and decorative enough to quiet your adult-related worries.