The ‘Smart Garden’ For Budding Naturalists Who Can’t Even Keep Their Houseplants Alive

You may love the idea of having freshly grown herbs at hand when you need to garnish a home-cooked meal (or throw something new on your usual Chipotle order), but feel like you have whatever the opposite of a “green thumb” is. Fear not, as this strangely delightful “smart garden” mixes the au naturale and high-tech lifestyles in the most convenient thing you’ll ever store next to your toaster. The kit comes from the experts over at Click & Grow, and contains everything you’ll need to grow herbs without any experience out in the dirt. All you have to do is fill the basin, plug it in, and the machine will do the rest. In two-to-four weeks, you’ll have plants sprouting, with full growth in two-to-four months. Isn’t technology grand?