Get Your Plane Buzz On Without Side-Eyes From Flight Attendants

There’s something about turning 21 that makes flying just a little bit sweeter. Hello, liquid ear plug for that crying baby behind you! What’s not so sweet, however, is the typical in-flight cocktail, which tastes a little too much like rubbing alohol. Not to mention, the eye-rolls beaming like lasers from those serving them. The Carry On Cocktail Kit contains everything one needs for the perfect Old Fashioned or Gin and Tonic. Inside the tiny Old Fashioned tin kit, for example: bitters, cane sugar, a muddler and spoon combo, and a linen coaster. All you have to do is add the good stuff! If Don Draper were alive today, he’d definitely tuck one of these in his briefcase, probably along with a few mini bottles of the really good stuff.