Declutter Your Closet (And Your Life) With This Impeccably Simple Clothing Rack

One can never have enough closet space. Yet even when one is afforded ample closet space, one typically finds a way—through means of hand-me-downs, thrift stores, and cunning hoarding—to fill up said closet space until the size is no longer sufficient. This clothing rack will take the burden of your entire wardrobe off your closet. Use it to store those clothes, shoes, or bags that, no matter how hard you try, simply don’t fit in your closet. Or make it the designated spot to keep your wet shoes, coat, and bag in the winter. No matter how adept you are at cluttering, your stuff will always appear smart and trim when it’s hanging on this uncomplicated, gold-tone, aluminum and iron rack. You know, like the type of wardrobe that belongs to a mature, discretionary, prudent shopper, and not a full-fledged hoarder.