A Ring That Lets You Experience The Unconditional Love Of A Pet Dog, Without The Hassle Of Training

Being a dog lover does not necessarily mean you’re destined to be a good dog owner; owning a dog is a serious responsibility, and not an easy task. So until you have a home that’s spacious enough to comfortably raise a dog in, the number for a good vet, and a pantry closet filled with kibble and dog toys, I recommend investing in something less burdensome—less alive, with less hair and less emotions, if you will. Something like this Boston Terrier Hug Ring. Made by Dog Fever, the dog ring is designed to look like you have a dog hugging your finger and to, in turn, give you that canine warmth you’ve been craving. Except where a real dog might require you to bend over and scoop up its poop at six in the morning, this one is made out of painted enamel and sterling silver—and can be kept locked up in your jewelry box for months at a time without letting out so much as a squeal.