Stop Killing Your Feet With Stilettos And Wear These Powerpuff Girl Inspired Boots Instead

Whether or not you find these shoes practical for everyday use, there’s no denying that they’re rather enchanting. Designed by Kuwaiti designer Najeeba Hayat for her new line Liudmila, they’re made in the best factory in Italy, with leather that was made exclusively for her, and are very much Victorian in style. Yet they were made with extremely anti-Victorian intentions. Using the shape of Victorian-style shoes, she claims them as her own and then revises them with hopeful, delectable, fairytale-like colors. And by rejecting extremely high arches and precariously slim heels for a low, sturdy heel, she seeks to redefine what it means to be a powerful and confident woman. Using mesmerizing jade leather with pastel pink rose embroidery, she aims to prove that girly and overtly feminine women can be just as powerful as women who take on masculine characteristics or style. She urges us to think not of the Disney princesses, but of the Powerpuff Girls and Sailor Moon, stressing, “I don’t dress like a princess because I want the prince; I dress like a princess because I want to sparkle.”