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11+ Cute Shirts Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

Adding a few graphic, vintage and cute shirts into your closet is a great way to update your style without spending a lot of money. Plus, the versatility of a comfortable tee is perfect if you’re building out a capsule wardrobe. Wear one under a blazer if you’re heading into an important meeting, or throw one on over a cropped bike short before running to brunch on the weekend — whatever you choose, cute t-shirts will always compliment your style, not only making outfits easier to dream up, but also adding a touch of comfort to each and every one.

While it may seem like an easy task, finding a cute t-shirt is quite difficult. Material, sizing, length, and style all factor into what makes a tee the kind you’d want to wear at all times. So, we did the work for you. Below we’ve outlined all of the different styles of cute t-shirts you could ever dream of, and we’ve added our very well researched recommendations within each category.

Whether you’re looking for cute shirts for girls, collegiate tees, vintage shirts, or a classic white tee — we’ve got you covered.

The Becoming Vintage Wash Shirt

We love the Becoming tee for two reasons. Firstly, it is one of the coziest shirts we have ever held in our hands. Made with a weathered, light material, this tee feels like your favorite vintage shirt, and we can guarantee that you will not want to take it off. Secondly, this cute shirt is genuinely the kind of clothing item we could all use in our lives, not just physically, but emotionally. It reminds us that, no matter what the day brings forth, we are learning, and growing, and becoming the human beings we are meant to become. This cute shirt is a force of encouragement, meant to motivate anyone wearing it to push forward, and to trust the way life is unfolding for them. If you’re looking to add a little tenderness into your day, look no further.

The 100% Human Shirt 

This cute shirt from Everlane also has an uplifting and empowering message. The idea behind the t-shirt is that no matter who we are or where we come from, we are all human. This shirt is made in the USA and manufactured  right in Los Angeles, California with $5 donation going to the ACLU every time someone buys this shirt.

The Impact Shirt For Girls And Guys 

If you’re looking to find a cozy t-shirt that also helps to encourage positivity and following your passion in life — look no further than this Thought Catalog original. Dreamed up by a company of creatives, this shirt emulates the kind of world all idealists and hopeful dreamers wish to live in. When you choose this shirt, you choose to encourage the kind of future that is filled with art, connection, poetry and art — which is a future we can definitely get behind. The one great thing about this cute shirt is it’s available for cheap on Amazon here.

The Sunday Morning Tee

When you think about crawling out of bed and running out your door to brunch on a sunny, warm, Sunday morning, what do you envision yourself wearing? It should be this cute shirt. Pair it with a pair of oversized light washed Levis, or a cropped bike short, and you’ll be the comfiest person. We love how oversized this Aritzia t-shirt is, but also love the muted yellow color that breathes life into the piece. Plus, it’s made from combed cotton, so it’s basically like wearing a blanket out of the house. Win win in this cute shirt among so many great cute shirts.

The Artist Tee

If you want a cute t-shirt that also showcases the fact that you are artistic, creative, and very into films — look not further. This tee by White Market is a popular take on the “Written And Directed By Woody Allen” tee that went viral a few years ago, and we are fans of the new direction. This tee can be paired with just about anything due to it being white, and according to reviews it is incredibly well made and comfortable, which is always an added bonus when you’re shopping for a tee you can wear all the time.

The Destination Tee For Girls

Cute Shirts for Girls

Hailey Bieber, Drake, and Beyonce are a few celebrities we have seen wearing cute shirts that pay homage to the world’s finest destinations. However, while they are trendy, we love destination tees because they’re also so perfectly worn in, oversized, and they can be dressed up or down, making them great for everyday wear. We love this Malibu tee by Brandy Melville because it is effortlessly simple, buttery soft, and it is pre cropped, making it great for warmer days and layering.

The Bright Tee

If you can’t fully commit to the bright neon garments that are popping up everywhere, but have a soft spot for subtle pops of color in your wardrobe — look not further than this little number by Paloma Wool. Not only is it a cute t-shirt that has been designed with minimalism in mind, but the shade of orange that the company chose is incredibly perfect and subdued. Pair this tee with some light wash levis and a leather jacket, and it will fulfill all of your neon dreams on your own terms.

‘Vintage’ Cute Shirts 

Want a buttery soft, oversized vintage tee that isn’t a Harley Davidson Shirt? This is your new favorite cute shirt. Made by Thrills, the Righteous Rider tee looks like it came from the 80s, but it’s in much better shape and will carry you through all of your summer days in style. With small, but important details, like a ribbed neckline, and a raw hem, this tee puts a unique spin on the vintage shirts we’ve seen everywhere, while never compromising style.

The White Tee

Every single human being should own a basic, well made white tee. However, they are unicorns. Finding a basic white t-shirt that is interchangeable within your wardrobe, comfortable, and long lasting, is not simple task. That is where Reformation comes in. Known for their vintage, luxury take on all things fashionable, Ref has managed to win our hearts with this buttery soft, structured tee.

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