Prank Your Mom With These Spill-Proof Vases

If you’re the type who harbors resentment for your mother until it accumulates to an unhealthy degree and you finally retaliate in one colossal, immeasurably passive act—then this Balance Vase Set is for you! The three porcelain vases, all in different sweet and subdued colors, each contain a hidden magnet embedded in its base, which holds each vase firmly upright and keeps it contained to the steel tray—even if the tray is tilted at a precarious angle. In other words: a surefire and unrelenting headache for your mom. All it takes is a couple faux slips and trips to tug and tease mercilessly at her nerves as she watches the vases slide back and forth—and defy all laws of gravity—in a horrified stupor.