The Adult Dr. Seuss Book That Will Make You Forget Why You Ever Wanted A Boyfriend In The First Place

If you’re familiar with the classic P.D. Eastman book “Are You My Mother?” then you’ll quickly recognize the inspiration for this charming, joy-delivering, 64-page tale called, “Are You My Boyfriend?” With a title that’s LOL in and of itself, this little book filled with Seuss-ian drawings is a great go-to gift for single girlfriends who are having a glum day, month, or even year. With a bestselling market that’s often flooded by shame-y, “what’s wrong with you?” self-help books about how to trap a man, it’s refreshing to read something that focuses on the hopes and discoveries of the process rather than what you’re screwing up every step of the way. And who does our heroine meet at the very end of a narrative landscape filled with cads and lads who aren’t quite right? Her soulmate, of course. And they live happily ever after, natch.