A Timeless Earring That Will Help You Transition From Wearing Two Earrings To One

Francesca Grosso, the jewelry designer and founder of Sorelle, is clearly selective with her clothes and accessories. Whether she’s wearing Céline or Zara, her style always manages to look casually pristine, and her jewelry line, Sorelle, is like a cherry-picked sample of her immaculate style. Handcrafted in New York, Sorelle’s collection of earrings, rings, necklaces, and septum rings are proof that minimal distractions (rather than copious embellishments) speak demonstrably more to the quality and careful design of a product. And the Anja Earring is no exception. Affixed to a sizable thin gold hoop is a much smaller and thicker gold hoop, from which a black wooden ball and a long gold tube hang. It’s sold as a single earring and is in good company; like the single earrings Fendi and Louis Vuitton recently churned out, this one is geometric, elegant, and unequivocally simple in design. And yet it’s markedly more affordable than its luxury counterparts, making the transition from wearing two earrings to one significantly less daunting.