Giving Underprivileged Children An Education Is As Easy—And As Pretty—As These Dangling Earrings

A label with purely humanitarian intentions tends to create products that reflect this honorable approach, and Nyora Beads is no exception. The idea came about while Sarah, the founder, was studying abroad in Kenya. It was in Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums, where she met Frederik Gor, the owner of a local jewelry shop who shared with her his dream to start a jewelry line that would help fund education for the severely undereducated children of Kibera. With Sarah’s help and prodigious generosity, Frederik’s handcrafted pieces, including these dangling Adoch Earrings, are now available in the U.S. and part of a full-fledged jewelry label. Hanging from a sterling silver hook is a small black bead, followed by a cylindrical brown bead, and a white disk-shaped one—simple in design, yet rich in history and tradition. All of the profits, including donations, go directly to the scholarship funds.